Why Are We Different?

Welcome! We are so glad you are interested in great photography as part of your marketing strategy!  Excellent photography is a powerful medium that can be used as highly effective advertising to brand your message in all your marketing material; print, web, and video.

What makes Lindsay Miller, “The Marketing Photographer,“ top of the line? Her combination of outstanding event photography and her marketing strategies.

She is an award-winning photojournalist who specializes in visually telling the story, the story of how you change the lives of your clients.

Her photos capture the true essence of your event. They show you at your best, delivering what you say you will deliver to your clients. They also show the results: the transformation that the participants go through at your events.

Then she works with you to create a marketing plan, using those storytelling images to get your message out in to the world.


What People Are Saying About Lindsay’s Pictures

“It’s just beautiful the way you capture the range of our emotions. You have such a knack for telling a story through the lens of a camera.”

-Zara Shea

“Your photos always make everybody look better than they are in person!”

–Richard Shapiro

“What a GLOW coming from everyone in these pictures – extraordinary! The invisible intentions made visible… beautiful!”

– Daria Bossonas

“I feel the power in the photos.”

–Sharon Killion


Clients not only rave about Lindsay A. Miller’s photography, they love working with her.

This is what clients have said:

“Lindsay is AMAZINGLY easy to work with, and people love being around her.”

-Kendall SummerHawk

“Lindsay is a TOP professional, lovely to work with, and my event participants love her energy and spirit.”

-Baeth Davis

“She’s professional, yet accommodating and always makes certain to go beyond what she promises”

-Helen Graves


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